JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider AHI

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Kurk mat 183 x 61 cm

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JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider AHI

The initial concept of our Homerider originates with board sports, where good balance is essential. Nowadays, balance boards are used as cross-trainers in many different sports. With our Homerider, athletes train their reflexes and lower body muscles and we continue to receive good feedback from those who use our Homerider for their cross-training efforts.

The Homerider Ahi is a professional balance board that leaves nothing to be desired. Its progressive shape and futuristic look make a gym a breeze from any living room in no time.

The surface consists of 5mm thick neoprene with non-slip "Snake Skin" structure. This gives the rider good grip and at the same time is extremely comfortable barefoot. The deck is made in our best Homerider tradition of solid maple and birch wood in 10 layers. The stoppers at the ends of the board ensure that it does not slip off the roll completely.

Combine the Homerider Ahi with roller and the balance cushion to train your balance regardless of the weather and at any time. For sports and everyday life - at home, or in the office.

Balance boards are not only popular in board sports. Also in physiotherapy and rehabilitative programs are using balance exercises in proprioceptive training to permanently strengthen your natural body awareness, condition and core muscles.

Find Your Balance!

Homerider Balance Board Deck

  • Breedte: 350 mm
  • Lengte: 780 mm
  • Gewicht: 3,15 kg
  • Materiaal: 10 lagen berk en esdoorn

Homerider Tube:

  • Lengte: 470 mm
  • Diameter: 165 mm
  • Muurdikte: 8 mm
  • Drie extra Grip Strips

Kurkrol Small Wave / Wave / Big Wave:

  • Lengte: 450 mm
  • Diameter: 80 mm / 105 mm / 140mm
  • Materiaal: Kurk, volledig materiaal

Homerider Tube PRO:

  • Lengte: 450 mm
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Materiaal: Aluminium, polyurethaan gecoat

Homerider kurkmat:

  • Lengte: 1830 mm
  • Breedte: 610 mm
  • Materiaal: Kurk, rubberen antislip onderzijde

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