BUSHINGS 85A yellow for RUGGED Trucks

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JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Bushings 85A yellow

4 Longboard Bushings by JUCKER HAWAII - adjusted to fit in any common longboard truck and bushing seat.


  • Color: yellow
  • Durometer: 85A
  • Delivery content: Set for two trucks, 2x Top (Cone Bushings) und 2x Bottom Bushings (Barrel Bushings)
  • Fits any usual longboard truck

JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Bushings improve the turning behavior and stability of your longboard. Their extent leads to a better resilience and the trucks return to their initial position more precisely.

Each longboard truck has a Barrel / Bottom Bushing (for stability) and a Cone / Top Bushing (for steering). To respond to different riding styles and weight classes we offer our longboard bushings in different durometer grades.

Choose soft Bushings with a lower durometer grade (80A to 85A) in the range of 20 to 50 kg or if you generally prefer a more soft and sweet-tempered steering. Softer bushings are the most popular choice of passionate Cruisers and Carvers.

Choose a higher durometer grade (90A to 95A) above 50 kg, for more stability at higher speeds or if you just prefer your board to steer more directly. This is the ideal choice for freeriding, sliding and downhill (where you can go for two bottom bushings as well).

Enjoy Your Ride!

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